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Collaborative Law

The Law Office of Shawn McKenna – A Progressive Approach to Family Law in Illinois

Fostering Constructive Resolutions with Collaborative Law
At The Law Office of Shawn McKenna, we champion Collaborative Law as a transformative approach to family law disputes in Illinois. Understanding that traditional litigation can be adversarial and often exacerbates family tensions, our firm embraces the collaborative process. This approach aligns with our commitment to smart, client-centered, and dignified resolutions, minimizing conflict and fostering mutual respect.

The Essence of Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a voluntary process where parties, with the assistance of lawyers, engage in open, honest, and respectful negotiation. The goal is not to ‘win’ at the other’s expense, but to reach a mutually beneficial resolution that respects the interests of all involved, especially children.

Our Collaborative Law Services:

The Benefits of Collaborative Law:

Our Approach: Sophistication and Sensitivity

The Law Office of Shawn McKenna brings a sophisticated understanding of both the legal and emotional complexities inherent in family law cases. Our approach in collaborative settings is characterized by sensitivity, respect, and a commitment to achieving outcomes that honor the dignity of all parties.

Collaborative Law Experts in Illinois

Our team, skilled in the nuances of Illinois family law, is adept at guiding clients through the collaborative process. We ensure that all discussions are productive and focused on reaching an agreement that aligns with your values and goals.

Begin a More Amicable Chapter

If you’re seeking a resolution to your family law matter in Illinois that is rooted in cooperation and mutual respect, consider the collaborative law approach with The Law Office of Shawn McKenna. Contact us to explore how this innovative method can pave the way for a more positive future for you and your family.